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The cream cheese like stuff on a dickhead, under the forskin.
want sum duckbutter girl?
by Fuzzy, February 05, 2008
28 37
The sloppy green stuff that grows under the chefs hat.
After purchasing food from the dirty 'gyro' man we bought the food back to our desk. When we opened our food we noticed the man had dropped his duck butter in our food.
by Queen Millerson September 26, 2003
4 13
the pasty secretions left on the panties that is created by the vagina during normal everyday activity
by Ug Lee June 18, 2002
4 14
the juice produced by fat peoples rolls
Wow, look at the fat ass and her duck butter seeping from her rolls
by Jeremy Malanka October 20, 2005
5 16
noun- the sweat that collects under a guy's ballsack that gives off a rank smell, much like yeast.
Man, this duck butter is making my balls stick to my leg!
by Kim -The Angry Dragon- February 17, 2004
138 149
The dry crusty build-up in and around your eyes that is present when waking up in the morning.
Baby, wash that duck butter out of your eyes before you leave the house.
by Karama January 15, 2004
4 15
the precum that accumulates on the head of the ol' bean flipper as a man is about to cum.
im starting to taste some duck butter as im suckin your dick.
by nora gray October 01, 2004
2 14