The sloppy green stuff that grows under the chef's hat
After purchasing food from the dirty 'gryo' man we bought the food back to our desk. When we opened our food we noticed the man had dropped his duck butter in our food.
by San Duck Butter September 26, 2003
the moist scuzz found at the uppermost cleft of one's ass cheeks
Reaching down into his shorts, Dave extracted a fingerful of duck butter to share among his buddies.
by Loretta La Rue April 20, 2003
gross sick crap between your balls and anus
Kalen dosier loves to eat his duck butter on his grandpas pancakes.
by chang wasanasong April 04, 2006
Nasty ball sweat that collects between the legs of a man.
Chris's balls where stuck to his leg because of all the duck butter collecting in there.
by Non Jay May 30, 2005
The Vile mixture that comes from a gay mans ass after he gets fucked by another guy. This is usually a mixture of Blood, Shit, and Cum. This mixture could sometimes have little extras in it as well depending upon how freaky the homo in question gets before and during sex.
" Dude Bob i knew you were a fag look at all the duck butter on your sheets"

"Bob and Bills love came into full bloom last night as is witnessed by all the duck butter on the walls and couch"
by RJA November 17, 2005
an adjective that describes how thick a bad ass hoe is
Damn, that hoe is thick as duck butter!
by Euphis Q. Eienstienbacher September 16, 2003
It is the head cheese that builds up around the head of your penis, tantamount to smegma.
by The Kingfish April 29, 2003

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