The apparent product those from the northwest continential United States, particularly the state of Washington, generate while running and sweating intensively, churning said product from sweat into duck butter.
He generated much duck butter during the 5k run in the Florida weather.
by aloysius3382 February 28, 2007
A juicy, greasy, gurgling fat, sounding simliar to a low octave on a trombone. This type of fart makes one check their drawers to make sure it was ONLY a fart.
Bubba ripped a huge duck butter that ran everyone out of the pool hall.
by Vonda February 22, 2007
It is when your butthole itches, so you run to the bathroom and itch it with some TP. You examen that TP and lo and behold! That little bit of yellow on the TP is a 'pat' of duckbutter. Everyone gets Duck Butter sometimes. Listen, fuck how everyone else defined this word. this is the truth!
Man this duckbutter is making my asshole itch!
by b-town November 05, 2004
A smegma spread used since the early 50's. A popular breakfast condiment
that, incidently, can be savored
"Never mind the grey poupon, pass me
that jar of duck butter!"
by Kleetus Kirklen, esq. August 14, 2004
Duck butter is the sweat on a guy's balls after exercising and stuff.
"OMG dude! you have some duckbutter dripping through your pants!!"
by Kyle M November 29, 2003
A juicy gurgling, squirtling, greasy fart, the kind you need to check your drawers after releasing, to make sure it was ONLY a fart. The sound of this type of fart is similar to an octave on a trombone.
She ripped out a huge batch of duck butter.
by Vonda February 21, 2007
Sweat from any portion of the groin area.
Dave has duck butter all over his face
by peter kirchmann December 05, 2005

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