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4 definitions by Steelcougar80

when you sit the opposite way on the toilet to poop. You then have a little desk to do whatever but you have to take your pants off.
I came home to a relaxing reverse cowgirl and read a book while doing so
by steelcougar80 March 22, 2012
When a bitch is a champion for riding your cock all night.
Melissa was a Whorior last night, we rode for 5 hours.
by steelcougar80 May 08, 2012
The awful smell obtained from a man taking ones hand and rubbing it on his sweaty gooch.
After practice i made some good duck butter
by Steelcougar80 March 22, 2012
(Pronounced zan exed) To take a bunch of one drug and feel the effects
Last night i Xanexed so hard after work
by Steelcougar80 March 22, 2012