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A loud,foul smelling boisterous sounding vicious fart.
She blasted a huge rump rocket.
by Vonda February 22, 2007
A juicy, greasy, gurgling fat, sounding simliar to a low octave on a trombone. This type of fart makes one check their drawers to make sure it was ONLY a fart.
Bubba ripped a huge duck butter that ran everyone out of the pool hall.
by Vonda February 22, 2007
A juicy gurgling, squirtling, greasy fart, the kind you need to check your drawers after releasing, to make sure it was ONLY a fart. The sound of this type of fart is similar to an octave on a trombone.
She ripped out a huge batch of duck butter.
by Vonda February 21, 2007
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