To masturbate without the aid of a lubricant or pornographic materials. In extreme circumstances, sandpaper will be placed between the subject's hand and his penis.
After spending the afternoon drywalling, Kevin found the crotch of his jeans coated in blood and semen.
by Dr. Jeremy Pendergrass May 14, 2011
Top Definition
When you come on a girls chest, let it dry and then chisel it off.
I splooged on a girls chest last night and rather than wipe it off with a towel I decided to do some drywalling.
by Jeff Walling November 28, 2007
The act of having coitus with a female who has an inability to produce adequate secretions of vaginal mucous to properly lubricate the vaginal cavity.

Drywalling is a term that comes about due to the fact that engaging in coitus with a female who is "dry" is comparable to making love with a dry wall with a hole in it.
Jimmy: "My God Kyaha is a dry bitch. It was like punching a hole in a drywall and thrusting through that!"

Papabear: "Well, that is why they call it drywalling Jimmy! However, I still commend you on having sex. Huzzah!"
by Papabear November 17, 2013
Drywalling is to have anal sex with a man or woman without lubrication - rough dry sex.
"LOL I was doing my girl doggy style and it slipped out, i accidentally shoved it in what she called the wrong hole and drywalled her."

"Bonny LOVES the drywalling"

"Dude, i can barely walk.. My girlfriend wanted me to do the drywalling last night and i can feel my sore cock against my trousers on every step"
by Flawless Cowboy November 15, 2009
to have sex with a female from behind, then proceed to RAM her head through the drywall before ejaculation
Last night i was drywalling betty, she was unconcious for four days.
by sizzlak December 06, 2006
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