An uncle with a bit of an alcohol problem. Often chooses to get drunk at family functions and cause great embarrassment.
Let me apologize in advance for my drunkle
by dudermcvail July 20, 2010
The uncle (or uncle-type figure) in the family who is drunk at every family function.
Don't give drunkle his keys back he's not safe to drive.
by greenfeen February 07, 2009
an adjective used to describe a state or person with a high level of intoxication.
Ay! Drunkles McGee over here can't stand up!
by Ispellgood September 10, 2010
The habitually drunk brother of one's mother or father.
I can't wait to be a drunkle.

O, great! Drunkle Tom is here, he can watch the kids.
by jbard3 December 27, 2009
Your favorite drunk uncle, who entertains all at family holidays when he shows up wasted. He often relies on underage nieces/nephews for transportation help when alcohol has gotten the best of him.
Yeah, my drunkle got me out of the early morning class because he lost his keys yesterday and needed a ride.
by hello_newman April 12, 2011
An uncle to tends to drink too much, often becoming boisterous for no reason.

Less common, but still appriopriate: An uncle who tends to overindulge at family social events, often causing more turmoil than necessary, and acts like an ass. This "ass" behavior could manifest itself in numerous ways such as; hitting on younger girls near his own daughters age, bringing up inappropriate situations during toasts, arguing at great length over trivial matters, etc...
Man, Holly's fucking uncle is always drunk, he completely ruined her wedding, he's such a drunkle.
by BSCowboy December 11, 2010
Everyone has a fun, crazy, and/or favorite uncle in their family... that just always happens to be drinking. This is a drunkle.
Dude, my drunkle was over visiting last night. He's so cool; he snuck me a few drinks!
by kendel July 14, 2012
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