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Contacting the police and ratting out someone annonomously, referring to dropping a dime in a pay phone.... back when it used to be a dime.
"Someone's dropping dimes, son, the block iz hot! They know our every move!"
by ill trooper February 24, 2003
In basketball a nice pass that results in an assists
Im like J. Kidd droppoing dimes ten cents a minute.
by Aaron Corp August 11, 2004
To inform the police of a crime, from the time when a payphone worked on a dime, snitches would drop the dime and call the police.

We all had 25 cents when we did the crime, now you only got a nickel, you musta dropped a dime. --Papoose

Them young boys be droppin dimes over misdemenors.
by J Dolo December 13, 2008
To shoot something or someone
"Yo, this fool is droppin' dime tonight."
by Maurice July 02, 2003
a sexy shot in beer pong resulting in a cup taken. This skillfull act shows class and prestige and is only done by very cool and good players. If your bad and u make a cup its not droppin a dime.
"damnn!.. WE DROPPIN DIMES !!" very nice placement.
by the nailer May 01, 2010
to mack on someone of the opposite sex; takes place on the campus of MVNU
Dude! Check out Scotty P...hes droppin dimes on Heather
by diesel5d December 10, 2006