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v. to make an assist in basketball i.e. to pass the ball to a teamate who then successfully scores a basket. Usually this term is used in streetball competitions.
Alex did not score many points in yesterday's basketball game but he led the team with ten assists by constantly dropping dimes.
by Alan and Alex June 10, 2006
the act of snitching, ratting, or otherwise disclosing information meant to hurt or discredit someone else. This a play on tips and selling someone out.
"Shit, Joey dropped the dime on me skippin class. Man, I'ma kill that motherfucker!"
by Tarrell Bets January 23, 2004
1. To snitch, tell, sneak, lie, or play frequently; to give up a secret; to spill the beans

2. To litteraly drop a dime or dimebag of cocaine at a drop for a quick drug deal.
1. We gotta ice that fool! He's been dropping dimes!

2. I've been dropping dimes and dropping kilos, all in one day!
by Dre February 01, 2005

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