When a girl has one distinguishing flaw or bad characteristic. When something about a girl compeletely turns you off.
Gretch is droopy due to her sagging eyes

Person 1: man that girl was hot bro!
Person 2: yah but she was droopy, did you see her overly hairy arms!?
by J - J February 01, 2010
Top Definition
Someone with excessive dermal tissue within the scrotum. Causes the testicles to hang like an old man at a young age.
I can't believe how droopy Robbie is.
by HectorMAD March 10, 2007
An ugly, fat girl who thinks she is hot.
Droopey, Droops, Droopers
"Look at Droopy walking around in clothes way too small for her. That is just disgusting."
by Jill March 03, 2005
A woman with sagging boobs.
Look at that woman with droopy boobs! She needs to wear a bra!
by Steve January 21, 2005
n. (slang) - 1) a penis that continues to point downward when erect or 2) a penis that starts downward at the base and curves back up when erect
Ken's Droopy really freaked his girlfriend out at first but it hit all the right spots in the end.
by Tom Zappacosta September 29, 2003
an adjective describing a hunched, sagging girl with a consistent expression of being baked; frequently has boogers dripping from her nose and comes home late at night wearing nothing but a large tshirt (no panties) if she comes home at all.
Look at that girl, she looks so baked and droopy.
by parrparr March 04, 2009
or dumpy

exhaust tip on a car that starts straight then curves downward. common on rotaries
H Dogg: yeyah that droopy on that RX3 is the shizzle

Gavin: I Concur
by EAMtacular June 25, 2005

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