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An adjective used for anything that has a damaged joint, causing it to move oddly.
A)A person with a hurt ankle, walking around without crutches, has a wimple-leg.

B)I hurt my wrist, I have a wimple-hand now
by PerLemony January 12, 2009
A woman's ladyfolds or ladylips. Labia; the external part of female genitalia.
Martin went for a furkle in Joyce's wimple.
by MacAttack87 October 01, 2009
water pimple
Don't worry guys. It's just a wimple.
by mgm87 July 22, 2010
A pet name for a rather petite spouse.
How are you doing my little wimple?
by JTwimpleton May 25, 2008
A strange sounding ass explosion
that was a crazy wimple u just did luke