When someone that likes you drives by your house and if you like them you get all giddy inside!!!
Shawn did a drive by last night past my house!!! He's so hot!!!
by fork in my butt November 21, 2006
What happens when chimps excape from the zoo and get hold of guns and motor vehicles.

Where Mv = Motor Vehicle, Ch = Chimp, D = Drive by. It can be equated as follows:

Mv + Ch = D

Where MD = Multiple drive by, and x is equal to any number greater than 1, the following equation holds true:

Mv + (x)Ch = MD
Hey look, those chimps have a gun and car keys! WATCH OUT!
by Flubba bubba boo April 14, 2005
A boog on boog crime where white society is the winners you hear.
That was the best driveby ever. Only 3 boogs still alive. Let's lynch them
by Cletus February 27, 2003
Slapping someone in either the face or leg with a semi-erect penis
shit, i hate when i get a drive by, now i have drive by juice all over me
by Oliver Mansfield May 08, 2004
when a girl quickly insert a finger in a mans ass during sex
dude:how'd ur girl get a broke nose?
dude2:she gave me a drive by and i didnt like it to good
by Masta Dragon Red June 25, 2004
when a plastic bottel-cap is flicked at oponents by the Ghetto King (Max)
by afro whore March 23, 2003
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