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to ride in a car while someone else drives
Person in car: I'm driving to the office right now, but I can't talk. I have to finish typing up this report.

Person on phone: While you're driving?

Person in car: Well I'm not DRIVE driving; I'm just driving.
by atds March 08, 2009
graffiti that consists of Bible verses or other Christian slogans/images
Common instances of bibliograffiti are John 3:16 and the Jesus fish
by atds January 30, 2009
to not only leave, but also to stop talking as well

coined by Marshana Ritchie on season 12 of The Bachelor, popularized by Ellen DeGeneres on her talk show
If you don’t want to talk about it, don’t bring it up. Walk off. Walk off. Walk off. If you can’t deal with it Chelsea, don’t bring it up.
by atds April 23, 2008
Appreciation of a romantic moment shared with another person to whom one is attracted, without their reciprocation or consent. Differs from fantasy in that it actually occurs, but typically to the knowledge of only the romance rapist. May occur between people of either gender, and particularly common between those of opposite sexual orientation.
v. Jen never realized that Steve wanted to be more than just friends, even after he had her over for a candlelit dinner and gazed into her eyes the whole evening. He didn't care; he just wanted to romance rape her.

n. When Dan found out one of his closest friends was gay, he suddenly thought back to every time they lay alone under the stars during a camping trip and couldn't help but wonder whether he'd been a victim of romance rape.
by atds April 15, 2009
to cut across the diagonal rather than follow perpendicular sides, saving distance and usually time
Those ugly brown paths are caused by students who pythagorate across the grass.

You'll save twenty miles and half an hour if you pythagorate up the turnpike instead of taking 35 and 75, you cheapskate.
by atds April 25, 2009
to mock someone's expected reaction, rather than something already said or done

a portmanteau of "hypothetically imitate"
"I can't wait to see my sister when she finds out who was with Mike last night"
"Hahaha that's great...even I can't imothate her that well"
by atds March 19, 2008
A literary device used primarily in film in which the protagonists' seemingly impossible dilemma is solved through an unexpected and improbable gambling windfall, such as winning the jackpot.
Moviegoer 1: Couldn't they have thought of a better way for them to pay him back than just winning $80,000 in blackjack?

Moviegoer 2: Yeah, the writers pulled a total deus ex slot machina...
by atds June 20, 2009

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