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ahoo is a slang word in the Assyrian language. It basically replaces the word buzzkill. It is said when something is thought,said, or remembered that the person does not like or dispises.
Ahoo, i gotta wake up early tomorow for work.
by AssyrianKing July 29, 2007
4 more definitions
1) To get wrecked by spellcheck and have to deal with it for awhile because the person you were talking to wont let you get past it.
2) Anything else you wanna describe
Emily.... ahoo... that is all
by meeeeeeeeeeeeeep January 12, 2011
Noun: (ahh-ooooooo!)
1.The call of the rare platyseal.
2.The sound of two unintelligent freaks.
3.The babblings of a spaz


3.Spaz:ahooooo ehhehe an alaliili tili akoo SHAHAKKAA!! woombappapa! ahoo!
by Shilo-Jen November 17, 2008
An expression used to denote manliness and/or to express one's admiration for a feat of exceptional manliness.
Jim: Dude! He just beat up those four guys!
John: Ahoo!
by Blinky0_1 July 10, 2008
yo my homies ahoo means hi.
ahoo what's shakin?
by aekta January 13, 2004

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