term used to describe the residue (keyword) dripping down your throat after you snorted, say for instance, an oxy oxycontin. Best feeling ever, even though it can get nasty (ex. loads of it coming down all at once, can make you vomit or make weird faces). If you like the taste, drink water; if you don't, gatorade works great.
I enjoy oxy drips.
I'm enjoy the drip and the high equally the same.
I drink A LOT of water when I have my oxy drip.
If you don't get a drip, then it means you snorted a teva =).
by L0VE October 21, 2006
A term refered to someone who is extremely gullable and slow thinking.
Brad - did you know there is only 1,000 people in England,
Con - Really, i thought it was less than that.
Brad - your such a fucking drip !!
by thejoker23 July 02, 2010
The thing they put in your arm when you go to hospital.
An intra-venous(IV) drip replenishes fluid loss.
"I lost alot of fluid so they gave me a drip. I had 6 normal bags and one of pottasium."
by Diego August 17, 2003
(noun) A weak, indecisive person; someone who is incompetent, lame or lacks courage.
They broke up a year ago and he's still following her around, mooning over her -- What a drip.
by Jay Young March 07, 2014
1. Loser
2. Simple
3. Boring
Man 1. - "Have you met aaron yet?"
Man 2. - "No which one's aaron?"
Man 1. - "He's that drip over there"
by Rafiki09 December 08, 2010
Someone who is a dense as a brick and does not comprehend the simplest of tasks.
"Jake, could you possibly buy some healthy cake slices?" "I sure can!" Jake then returns with 3 Muller Light Yoghurts and 10 glazed doughnuts, therefore clarifying that he is indeed a drip.
by Tablesalt January 12, 2015
The Next Level of Slut. The Nastiest Girl who sleeps around with anyone and does not mind diseases. D.R.I.P - Dirty Rotten Itchy Pussy.
She sleeps around with anyone, she's a drip.
by Nathandajet July 17, 2010

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