An advanced driving technique used mainly for show in which the driver maintains oversteer through balance of throttle and steering inputs. there several ways to execute this manuver, from using the e-brake to send thet car into a controlled slide to using the cars own inertia to keep one moving foward in direction while power sliding.
also is a side effect of whatching Initial D.
"He is a tak wannabe, he screwed is drift and got himself wraped around a tree.
by Jace March 21, 2005
An insulting way to ask someone to leave.

Used frequently about 10 years ago among street kids in Toronto, Canada.
"Hey can bum a smoke?"
"What about 3 lines?"
"Are you deaf? Drift"
by Andrew July 02, 2004
Its the complete opposite, its when you shift the weight from the rear to the front causing less traction to the rear, wich allows more wheel spin, and with proper turning and accel, you can drift.
I was going 4th on a stright then Heel-toed into 2nd and drifted in and out of this tight hairpin.
by Dial x for sex October 15, 2003
A controlled "powerslide" around a corner achived by breaking lifteing the back end while puting in the clutch and reving the engine while also "feinting" to the oposite direction of the turn. dumping the clutch and useing alot of steering wheel and gas fines will maintin this in a stable turn. Drifting: linking one drift to another with out crashing (dont try this in a pick up, you can roll and or cartwheel, ive done both)
Dude, that was a pimp drift through those corners on the on ramp.
by Akspeedemon February 12, 2004
Front-drive cars do drift; the rear wheels will break and swind around, but at that point you're at the mercy of the road. VW Beetles don't do it so well, not cause they don't have power, but all the weight's on the back.
A idiot in a Honda Civic got his car to drift, he's dead now.
by Anonymous October 04, 2003
Its an entertaining show aikn to Dukes of Hazzard on crack..
"Beau pass the crack pipe I need a hit", said Luke
Beau passes the crack pipe to Luke, and Luke begins to take a hit.
While Luke is heating up the glass pipe, Roscoe pulls up behind and flips the lights. Beau immediately starts the Charger, punches it, and begins his drifting through Hazzard County cracked out of his mind. As the General Lee's entry speed is way to quick for the corners the back end steps out.
by Weapon-H- June 21, 2006
A drift is a technique used where the inertia of the later motion of a low HP car is used to counteract the centripetal forces or a hairpin turn in order to maintain high speed with whipping around a corner, not useful in high power cars where a pwoerslide of simply a turn burn can be done. Often used by FWD vehicles mistakenly thinking that a whiparound is faster than a tight cutting turn, which it is not. This technique is terrible for the rear axles of a RWD vehicle, and even worse for a FWD vehicle. If you are doing this with an AWD vehicle, you are beggin to muss your diffs. Those who think drifting has anything to do with racing are incorrect, it is for show only.
Rather than getting a fast car, I just e-brake drift and never let off the gas....I sir am not smart.
by Cole Garrett October 18, 2004
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