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The Tenth Generation Nissan Skyline. The GT-R is the most popular version of the R34.
It's a car....
by eXedy05 October 16, 2003
"WAS" a good concept for an ISP, but now a days it's not the best of choice.
Just Say no.....
by eXedy05 October 16, 2003
More Commonly known the GT-R. The current R-34 is the 10th Generation GT-R. The Previous R-32 and R-33 served as the basis for this R-34 legend. The R-33 aslo holds a Nismo 400R Model as a special order production. Although the R-34 claims 280 Bhp., its more like 320-350 Bhp when actualy driven on the track (kinda uncomfortable though).
It's a car.....
by eXedy05 October 07, 2003
Complex Driving Technique used to take corners at fast speed. The driver must know how to used the clutch and gas pedal effectively and precisely while manipulating the brakes at the same time.

ummm....who is Ricky Chu?
It's a driving technique
by eXedy05 October 16, 2003

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