to rock a car in a motion to force the car sideways. most people know it as DORI
I was going to a turn a turn agaisnt it, broke, and down shifted, and controlled gas through the turn.
by bert August 11, 2003
The slowest possible way of taking a corner in auto racing. Many people think it is the fastest, but they are just retarded ricers. Drifting is a show and not a race.
Dude, that guy with the body kit and huge wing just drifted that corner, he must be a good road racer!!
by Ryan A. April 14, 2004
A counter-strike player, currently on team #faint. Also a retard.
Hey, that joe kid, also known as Drift, likes the play lineage 2 and seige castles.
by uncle Donald October 03, 2004
apart from the fact that almost every previous defanition for the motorsport context thus far is extreamly false, i particularly like

Complex Driving Technique used to take corners at FAST (HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH) speed. The driver must know how to used the clutch (NO CLUCTH!) and gas pedal effectively and precisely while manipulating the brakes (brake once, on entry then back to gas)at the same time.

if you want to know anything about vehicle dynamics get going faster for word by danny sulivan you rice ass hoes.

drifting is the act of maintaining a slide around a corner, in which the rear tires have no traction, and should be making as much smoke as physicly posible . if you are turning the wheel and going straight, your not drifting you daft fool, your understeeting. yes, that smoke coming off the front tires is directly proportional to how big of a retard you are.

go find vids of reese millin in his gto, that is drifting. no clucth no "faint" gayness, no ebrake just spring energy and a lot of entry speed.
holy fuck, look at the smoke pooring off the back of Samuel Hubinettes viper.

god damn that fool is the man.
To cause your car to slide Sideways effectively.

Done right...this is the perfect way to turn without slowing down.

As Seen In 'Initial D'
'Yo bitch I drifted on that turn yesterday'
'wha? Yo trippin G'
by Batmanners June 01, 2003
something one is forced to do to apper "cool" while driving a piece of shit car. this is performed to give the appearance that the car is:
a) rear whell drive
b) has enough power to get the rear end to slide out
frequently performed by ricers and other dumbasses who do not posses a car with real balls (to have a vehicle with "real balls" it must have at least a v-8)
yo, did u see that mad drift i just pulled in my faggot ass civic! That shit was tight!
by bigpapa1080 November 15, 2004
That awkward guy who deserves lead but sits around with a sub and drops subtle sex jokes
Person 1: HOLE IN ONE
Person 2: That's what she said
Person 1: Quit being a Drift
by Relay101 December 13, 2014

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