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When a girl with fake tits is riding on your wang and her boobs move up and down in a synchronized fashion.
I prefer a girl whose tits jiggle; the dribblin' action is more predictable.
by K-Fox November 19, 2009
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To be joking, lying or otherwise saying something as not true, in a way which may or may not be sarcasmic.
Person: Are you Dribblin'?
Me: Ya Wha?
Person: Tell me your dribblin'.
Me: Oh right, no I ain't dribblin', I swear.
by Mcshiznienshit March 05, 2006
when a woman or man perform oral sex on a male partner and the male partner helps them along by moving their head up and down with his hand.
I swear to god, if another guy gags me while he's dribblin', I will puke all over him
by SydneyF January 25, 2011

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