DRAT (don't remember a thing) when some drinks to much to the point of blacking out. When a person has a blackout because they drink to much.
Damn I drank to much last night! DRAT what happened?

Person 1: Dude you were wasted last week! Do you know what you did?

Person 2: Nope! DRAT! what did I do?
by stupifiedthenight May 23, 2011
A type of dance
I want to do the drat! I want to go dratting!
by canookie April 18, 2012
Alternative synonym for the work fuck, and other words with fuck & various prefix and suffix.

Quite popular ussage on various internet blogs & humour websites.
"Drat you!"

"drat him up"

"That's dratting stupid"

"Drat the dratting dratters"
by Joetron September 05, 2009
drat backwards spelling of tard.
Can be takin as an insult as another meaning of Tard or Retard.

also used has a mess up word. such as Damn it. or Fuckin a.
I just missed the bus.

Don't be a drat man...
by Li'l Freak March 16, 2008
Someone who is a tard.
We went on a road trip with a bunch of drats.
by OC City Crew March 05, 2006
drat - also known as "pills":. GRRRR! NAUGHTY! ......kinda!
www.sex.com! <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<
by daniel January 08, 2004
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