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What cute people say when they are pissed off
"Oh Drat i lost my wallet"
by spanky spangler September 07, 2003
expletive often used by supervillains who have seen their evil plots and schemes foiled or sabotaged. see also curses!
drats! those meddlesome do-gooders have somehow reversed the effects of my shrink ray!
by dusty ocean December 29, 2004
Used as a replacement for a much more offensive euphamism.
"Oh drat i lost my wallet"
by Notorious D.O.U.C.H.E. September 10, 2003
A mixture of darn and rats. Expression of frustration.
Lori - "Drats!!. I spilt my perfume all over myself!!!!
by Bill Jefferson March 06, 2005
An expression of frustration similar to "darn." May have derived from Thelma on Scooby Doo, but drats, I'm not sure.
Drats, I screwed up again.
by Klo September 13, 2004
It's what Toad says when he's annoyed. When one of your friends says drat, you're supposed to be like Frog. That is to say, supportive but mildly condescending.
Drat! I forgot to put the trash out last night.
by Bombadil77 November 30, 2010
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