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drank: syrup, purple, lean, oil, juice, etc. Mayne, dranks liquid hydrocodone, promethozie, tussin, wadeva (no muthafuckin Nyquil). Ya'll take da syrup, mix it in a sprite remix, add a few jolly ranchers n' sip. sippin on syrup makes u lean (hints da name lean). Drank come from the south... TEXAS!
poe' up dat drank in dat sprite mayne.
by Dirrty D November 04, 2005
the feeling you get the next morning when there is still alcohol in your system from the night before.
man i was so drank when i woke up this morning.
by sofakingweetoddit March 13, 2010
Any type of drink, whether its clear drank, purple drank, red drank, strawberry drank, etc.
"That red drank is insane"
by adjfdjkklsdsdf August 27, 2008
A mixture of cough medicine (not nyquil, only over the counter stuff like codine) and some kind of fruit juice or sprite.
"I'm pimpin flippin that candy paint
Lane switchin sippin that purple drank"
-Mike Jones
by Blandryyy January 14, 2006
a pronoun; can be used in place of any non-proper noun
"They got inside the 5 yard line but then that dude fumbled the drank."

Example 2:
"What cluster do you live in?"
- "I just live in one of them one-room dranks"
by Larry Hustle December 15, 2008
a mixture of juice and other types of drug and/or alcohol or related substances; often served in a white cup at social gatherings wif yo clique that's posted up.
We be sippin' on drank; Mix up dat drank partna; What you be drankin' on;
by b-unit916 January 13, 2006
A mixture of your favorite flavored juice and robitussin cough syrup.
My styrofoam cup is filled with that drank.
by SHAREEF (REEF) December 22, 2007