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A combination of the words "drunk" and "rankings", signifying a leaderboard of who is the most drunk at a given time.
"Did you see Jimothy last night? He was so hammered, he was definitely number one in the drankings."
by VinuMallesh August 19, 2013
The continuation of drinking when juxtaposed with one who has not yet begun to drink.
"Yo pat, you drinking tonight?"
"Naw dog, I'm four deep, I'm dranking"
by J-Dawg89 October 15, 2008
The act of consuming an alcoholic beverage.
"We be dranking this weekend?"
"Hell yeah! I've got the drank!"
by Prince Flash October 17, 2008
When one is to drive and masturbate at the same time.
John had some great news and couldn't pull over he had to release his excitement by "Dranking".
by Fozzeyy November 12, 2015
Dranking is the act of planking while consuming a beverage (usually containing alcohol) with a straw.
One would be considered dranking if he/she were lying flat and motionless, face down with arms back and palms up while drinking from a beverage which is being held by another individual or is resting on a surface below the head.
by Original Dranker September 24, 2011
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