The act of drinking a large amount of alcohol or having consumed a large amount of alcohol
"Man, lets go and get drank!"

"Oh man, I'm so freaking drank right now...woah I have no idea what's going on..."
by Sara~Pie May 04, 2007
To Drink Alcohol and become inebriated.
Hello friend, I'm about to go get drank off of Natty-Bo!!!!
by JohnnyFleekins September 24, 2005
The Ghetto Term For Drink
I Need A Drank Of Faygo!
by Chris Carmine October 27, 2003
n. An alcoholic beverage or drink. Taken from the song "Smoke Dope and Rap" by Andre Nickatina (aka Dre Dog). see example
"He said I got the drank you got the dank he said my nigga Dre Dog Frisco is the place (fo what) Fo me to get hiiiiigh and you to get drunk We smoke dope we rap and these hos we fuuuuck"
by spazelyn January 06, 2003

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