Noun. When you play quarter notes at a 250 tempo over a fast drum beat. Named after a shitty band known for using this technique to make them sound fast.
I can't think of a filler song for our new album so we might as well pull a dragonforce instead of being epic like Wintersun.
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by ziggidynambapoook April 20, 2008
Top Definition
Dragonforce is a power metal band that somehow managed to gain a huge fan base and a ton of media attention, even though better bands exist. Dragonforce isn't a terrible band, however their fan base has caused them to become vastly overrated, turning the group into one big fatass moon that is now blocking the better bands from coming into the light. Their vocalist also sounds like he needs to go to a different genre, as his voice doesn't fit metal at all. Dragonforces guitarists are quite talented actually, but they aren't quite as good as the fans make them out to be.

When recording in the studio, Dragonforce manages to achieve an epic feeling to their music, however their live performances are probably among the sloppiest of metal bands today.
Dragonforce fan "Hey dood! Did you see Dragonforce live! Oh man, that was the most kickass thing i've ever seen!!!"

Set "Yeah, if by kickass you mean sloppy riffs and a singer who can't sing or keep up with the music."

Dragonforce fan "Shut up! Dragonforce is the heaviest metal known to man!!"

Set "O rly? Is that what you think? Nice job proving you don't listen to very much metal. GTFO."
#dragonforce #dragonfarce #overrated #power metal #fatass moon
by Set Abominae March 15, 2007
1. The most intense band in the history of man. Their music (if it can be called that, for it is truly much greater than mere "music") contains a power so great that it can consume one's soul.
I'll mess myself if DragonForce comes to the United States.
by Eric C. August 01, 2003
To complete a project, task, assignment, etc as fast as possible, paying little/no attention to detail, finesse, quality of results, etc. Adapted from DragonForce, a power metal band from England known for their intensely fast songs.
"I really don't care about this class, so I'm just going to dragonforce the final project."
#speed #intensity #recklessness #metal #nilhism
by Mikey the I/O Psychologist March 13, 2008
The Fallout Boy of Metal. Loved mostly by 12 year olds, most fans grow out of liking them when they get in High School. The majority of their fans don't play guitar or are extremely bad at it (in terms of technical skill) and usually don't realize that speed is not some heavenly gift, it can be achieved by anyone.
DragonForce sound like video game music.
#dragon #force #herman #li #shred
by joe725 March 08, 2008
The band from which Herman "Shred" Li plays.
Dragonforce kicked ass last night!
by kiak December 10, 2003
An international power metal band based in England. They are composed of six members from 5 different countries over 3 continents. They label themselves as "extreme power metal" because they incorportate elements of speed metal and thrash metal into their songs, and as of their latest album, Inhuman Rampage, they have added harsh backing vocals that can be heard on songs such as "Revolution Deathsquad". They replaced their drummer before the recording of "Inhuman Rampage" with Dave Mackintosh, formerly of England's symphonic black metal band, "Bal-Sagoth". Their songs are incredibly fast, although there is at least one obligatory "power ballad" on each of their albums. Most of their songs are at least 5 minutes long, with several around minutes in length. They are known for their energetic stage performances, and for their excessive alcohol consumption during concerts. This does not affect their ability to play, but the lead guitarist, Herman Li of Hong Kong, has been known to trip and fall on stage. They cite many classic metal bands as influences, such as Iron Maiden, and played at OzzFest in 2006. They have three major releases so far: The Valley of the Damned (2003), Sonic Firestorm (2004), and Inhuman Rampage (2006). Their first concert in the United States was cancelled due to the fact that they were lacking proper Visas, but they eventually played in April of 2006 at the Worcester Palladium in Massachusetts at the New England Metal and Hardcore Festival. They played second to last, with the last band playing being Gamma Ray.

Comparable bands to their style roughly include the following:
HammerFall, Blind Guardian, Stratovarius, Sonata Arctica, Dragonland, Angra, Rhapsody of Fire, and Demons & Wizards.
DragonForce is a highly talented band. If they are not "heavy enough" for you, or if the vocals bother you, then you should not be listening to power metal. People with no knowledge of music dismiss them along with all other power metal bands for having fantasy inspired lyrics, because they are most likely too obsessed with rap lyrics about homicide, drug dealing, and fornication.
#dragonforce #power metal #speed metal #hammerfall #blind guardian #herman li #inhuman rampage #sonic firestorm #valley of the damned
by ConradoThePirate November 01, 2006
Mainstream metal faggotry with very little musical talent.

Everyone makes them out to be the gods of metal.
Herman Li can play fast. Okay...that makes him the best guitarist ever, I guess.
Not to mention their vocalist's voice is not suited for the genre in which his band plays, AT ALL.

Listen to some real power metal, faggots.
Dragonforce fan: OFMG DRAG0NF0REC IZ TOTTALI DA BEST METAL BAND EVERZ!!!!!!!one!@#@11eleventy!

Educated metal fan: No. Get the fuck out, idiot.
#dragonforce #shitty #music #shitty music #herman li #herman #faggot #faggotry #castles #castle #fantasy
by mr .k July 27, 2007
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