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One who does not believe in a greater power. At least in the form of a non-physical power.

There are three kinds of Atheists.

1) The Emo ones, the ones who do not believe in God because they are simply depressed and things have not gone their way.
2) The elitist ones, the ones who feel they are smarter and more free-thinking than others for not believing in God.
3) The good ones, the ones who simply don't believe in God, are aware that it can't be proven if God exists or not and doesn't annoy every believer he/she comes across.
1) I'm an Atheist! If God existed my gf wouldn't have left me!
2) God is a fairy tale, I am so much smarter than anyone who believes in God.
3) I don't believe there is a God, but I won't be annoying about it.
by joe725 February 09, 2008
A person who videotapes random shit all the time and puts it on youtube almost every day and always changes the tags of their videos to make them the same as the featured ones so that they can get more views because they don't have a life and want to have a virtual one
youtube whore: My video of me driving off a cliff has 2,523 views!
normal person: How many punches does your face have?
youtube whore: what?
*punches youtube whore in the face*
by joe725 February 11, 2007
The greatest guitarist who ever lived, his compositions were amazing.

And to cakeslob how unconventionally you can play doesn't determine your skill.

If I could play a Simple Plan song with my ass would that mean I was talented? No, because Simple Plan songs are horrible and simple.

Yes Jimi did string it so that it wouldn't be upside-down, so what? Playing upside-down isn't even hard, you just have to up-strum on chords.

You're the "N00b" (and a tool for even using that word), I bet you don't even play guitar.

Jimi Hendrix was a genius and by the way it takes more than talent to become that amazing in a few years, he started guitar when he was 16 and died at 27 so he only played for 11 years of his lifetime. Within a few years he was Godly at guitar. People have played longer than he has lived and haven't even come close.
n00b; "Liek ,omgosh, Hendrix played a right handed guitar even though he is left handed what skill"
Educated; "Not really. Hendrix strung his guitar alternately, so it would be exactly like playing a left handed guitar. Aside from the way the body is shaped, nothing changes in fingering or picking at all."


The guy who wrote that stupid example knows nothing about guitar and is a tool, and bases a guitarists skill on his opinion of the music.

He didn't even use correct quotation marks at the top showing he is an idiot who doesn't know 1st grade punctuation.
by joe725 April 24, 2007
The Fallout Boy of Metal. Loved mostly by 12 year olds, most fans grow out of liking them when they get in High School. The majority of their fans don't play guitar or are extremely bad at it (in terms of technical skill) and usually don't realize that speed is not some heavenly gift, it can be achieved by anyone.
DragonForce sound like video game music.
by joe725 March 08, 2008
People who think they are better than everyone else.

In terms of social groups centered are music.

Most Metalheads, Classic Rock-heads Indie fans, and Hipsters are elitists.

Metalheads tend to think that taste in music is all that matters in the quality of a person. Also they think Metal is the ultimate music. So they think that people who listen to Metal are superior to those who do not.

Classic Rock-heads are the same way as Metalheads. They are a little more open minded but still elitists.

Indie fans think that unknown music is superior. They are not as strong about their musical taste as metalheads, but they still believe they are better than those who listen to bands everyone knows.

Hipsters tend to think those who don't listen to whats in are strange and different and therefore insuperior to them.

In terms of social groups not centered around music.

Jocks, and Preps are elitists.

Most Jocks believe anyone who sucks at sports and gets good grades are insuperior to them.

Some preps believe anyone who doesn't have a sense of fashion or isn't like them or everyone else is insuperior.
Elitists are socially retarded.
by joe725 December 22, 2007
The history of rap

In the times of slavery slaves would sing call and response songs in the slave pens which turned into Blues, Jazz Swing, and R&B such as Louis Armstrong and Ray Charles. Louis Armstrong made Jazz more of a solo kind of style instead of in orchestras. The blues music was from bad happenings in their lives and from the slavery. Jazz was a style with a rythm that moved more and swing was more crazy and out of control. Scat singing was a wordless singing style which was for rythm. In the ghetto after the slavery but during the descrimination people only had their voices and objects around them for making music. Rap was a spoken type of music influenced by scat singing. Rap was poetry syncronized with an instrument with a quick, short sound to give it sync with the syllables of words. In the ghetto they probably used trashcans. In the 70's people had used the technique of "scratching" with records. In the 80's came Run-D.M.C. who used scratching, drums, and used guitarists in some songs came and pretty much created rap for what it was by definition: poetry in motion, and poetry has rhyme scheme or meter but rap follows both of those. In the 90's there were rappers like Tupac and Notorious B.I.G. who would rap about the streets. These rappers used beatboxes, and beatboxes still had the quick, short beat that fit rap.

Modern Rap

At the turn of the millenium, after Tupac and Notorious B.I.G.'s deaths. Rappers were following the theme that they set, the problem with these rappers were: they acted too egotistic and rap became all about money and image. And to look richer more rappers used synthesizers in their music. Synthesizers, have a more constant beat, not the quick short one that fits rap. Also the poetry was dropping too, and rap is "poetry in motion" so what is called rap these days isn't even rap.

My opinion on modern rap and modern rappers

Modern rap sucks ass! Half the modern rappers aren't from the streets and to make it look like they are, they have to rap about the streets which they know nothing about. Modern rappers also rap about image. A modern rap song sounds like "everybody likes me, look at my shoes" and shit like that. The thing is nobody likes them. There aren't as many rap fans as there used to be, even the wiggers don't listen much to modern rap. Some rapper/rap group better come along with poetic meter and rhyme and the good sync of drums with syllables. And not sound like a repetetive dipshit(s) that only know(s) two words.
modern rap fan: did you hear the new chamillionare song?
intelligent person: I prefer to listen to good rap like Run-D.M.C., not dumbasses like chamillionare who mispronounce words to try and make them rhyme because they don't know how to rhyme.
by Joe725 March 10, 2007
A person who doesn't even like rap and listens to the pop rap because they think that they look cool. Rap posers don't even look into rap to know that there was old school. Usually they buy the album of the newest one hit wonder and put it in their cd player and don't even listen to it. Rap posers say rock and every other genre sucks without even listening to it because they think that makes them look cool. Real rap fans don't just listen to the pop rap, they usually listen to tupac and notorious B.I.G. and the rappers before them because they know that those were the people who had the best flow, and also real rap fans don't go around saying that rock sucks.
I used to be a rap poser until I listened to Jimi Hendrix and other classic rock and then I started getting into rock and metal because I actually like it and don't pretend to. Now I express my true thoughts on modern rap and the only rap I listen to is old school cause modern is shit.
by Joe725 March 10, 2007

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