One of the races offered to the alliance in World of Warcraft(best game ever).

Andrew and Chris are gonna make draeneis when they come out in the expansion pack.
by Chelseee August 28, 2006
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One of the races offered to the alliance in World of Warcraft(best game ever).

Andrew and Chris are gonna make draeneis when they come out in the expansion pack.
by Chelzee August 28, 2006
Pronounced "dra-nye" or "drah-nye." The only particularly interesting Alliance race in World of Warcraft. Tall and (usually) blue, with tails and cloven hooves. The males of the species look somewhat like Hellboy and have catfish barbels on their faces; the females are much slimmer, leggy, and have horns.

Notable for being the only Alliance race that can play as shamans, for being the only race in the game that can be either shamans or paladins, and for having an inherent healing ability.

Some slang terms are space-goat (from their hooves and a common misconception about their origin), squid-goat (from their hooves and the males' facial barbels), blueberry, and smurf.
Most of my Alliance characters are draenei. The rest of the races are kind of boring.
by Qit el-Remel December 27, 2007
A playable Alliance race added to World of Warcraft with the release of the Burning Crusade expansion pack.

In the lore, they were purged from their homeworld of Draenor by the Burning Legion, and again from Outlands by the orcs (once their allies) that eventually became corrupt by fel magics of the Legion. In a desperate attempt to survive and combat the Legion, they took control of a portion of the Tempest Keep, using it as a spacecraft to settle on another new planet.

This planet was earth, and with a crash-landing on the Kalimadorian Azuremyst Isle, they quicky settled and sought relations with the Alliance. In no time, they became a new part of it, and began taking steps to re-establish their civilization and combat the Legion.

The Draenei race is an enlightened one- like the many generations of Humans, High-Elves, etc., a major focus of theirs is the Holy Light and, as a newer concept, the Naaru (which is a race of god-like entities that supposedly create the Light). Many years prior to their purging from Draenor, the Naaru made a pact with the Draenei to unite them with the many enlightened races of the universe to form the Army of Light, which would bring down the Legion and all related darkness.

The races available to Draenei are: Warrior, Paladin, Shaman, Mage, Hunter, and Priest. The Draenei are the first of the Alliance that can practice shamanism, although that this practice is often reputed by the other races (save for the Night-Elves and Gnomes, who haven't indicated a particular view).

And their females are smexy :}
"Draenei of any class can use Gift of the Naru."

"Hey Clark, you see Kevin's Draenei Shaman? It's already level 35, and the expansion came out just two days ago!"
by Stiffofdeth November 28, 2007
The Draenei are a race which come from the game World Of Warcraft.
Draenei is usually pronounced "Drah-nei", or "Dray-nei".
This is the only race which has the skill "Gift of the Naaru", which enables the Draenei to heal a friendly target (or himself/herself) for a varied amount, depending on that Draenei's attack power.
The Draenei can be several classes:
Hunter, Shaman, Paladin, Warrior, Mage and Priest.

Draenei males have tendrils coming out of their chin and a fan-like forehead plate which rises and overlaps other forehead plates behind it. Male draenei have large tails which are held erect by developed muscle structure. The female of the species exhibits marked differences: rather than the forehead plates featured on the male, they have vaguely horn-shaped cranial extensions that extend over the upper cranium and end on either side of the crown. Female cranial tendrils sprout behind the ear and are typically long enough to reach the shoulders. Their tendrils are thinner than the male's. Female draenei tails are shorter and have a lower muscle density. In both genders, the hooves are relatively large, in contrast to the more compacted hooves of their demonic counterparts.

Draenei can choose from a diverse selection of hair colors including gray, white, blue/black, brown, and purple. Similarly, the number of facial tentacles on male draenei can be customized. They can feature zero, one, two, or four tentacles of different shape and size.
In World of Warcraft, my main character is a level 80 Female Draenei Hunter. She commonly gets called "Squidface" or "Space Goat" On account of her facial tentacles and history of crash-landing on Azeroth from Space.
by Tiffles November 24, 2010
The draenei is a race in the World of Warcraft Alliance.
Appearance: horns, blue skin color, glowing eyes, hoofed, and have tails.
Starting point: Azuremyst Isle
Monsters: Vale Moth, Ammen Vale Lashling, Moonkin, etc.
Other: The draenei start off in Ammen Vale in Azuremyst isle. They came to be there from the ship of Exodar that craashed among the shores of Azeroth.
Blood Elf 1: Ohhh! Dude you just got pwned by a draenei!
Draenei 1: Shyeah. You just got owneeed!
Blood Elf 2: C'mon man! I'm a lvl 23- he's a lvl 34!
by WoWpersonlol February 08, 2011
A playable race from the MMORPG World of Warcraft,which is just a cross between a smurf,a goat and Davy Jones.
Tauren 1:What the hell is that purple goat?
Tauren 2:That's a draenei,a cross between a smurf,a goat and Davy Jones.
by Dragoniktaz December 21, 2012
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