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The draenei is a race in the World of Warcraft Alliance.
Appearance: horns, blue skin color, glowing eyes, hoofed, and have tails.
Starting point: Azuremyst Isle
Monsters: Vale Moth, Ammen Vale Lashling, Moonkin, etc.
Other: The draenei start off in Ammen Vale in Azuremyst isle. They came to be there from the ship of Exodar that craashed among the shores of Azeroth.
Blood Elf 1: Ohhh! Dude you just got pwned by a draenei!
Draenei 1: Shyeah. You just got owneeed!
Blood Elf 2: C'mon man! I'm a lvl 23- he's a lvl 34!
by WoWpersonlol February 08, 2011
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