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short for Dance Party
20+ guys/girls hanging out:
Dude this is boring. There's nothing to do in this house. Let's turn on the strobe light and have a DP!!!
by x bebe x November 09, 2005
6 22
dance party , to dance randomly when driving somewhere in a car. requires getting out of the car and blasting the music playing as loud as possible.
Man, Jenna and I had DP, it was awesome
by Liz April 03, 2005
7 23
A "Dirty Pinoy/Pinay." Also known as: banana leaf lovers, mango man, lumpia fiends. Synonymous with Justin Chan.
There goes a DP.
by MWEEZY88888 December 12, 2008
1 18
A common abbreviation for Pokemon Diamond and Pearl.
This website has a list of all the creatures in the DP pokedex.
by MAC and PLC January 13, 2007
12 29
In computer science, dynamic programming (short: DP) is a method for reducing the runtime of algorithms exhibiting the properties of overlapping subproblems and optimal substructure.

Mathematician Richard Bellman invented dynamic programming in 1953. The field was founded as a systems analysis and engineering topic which is recognized by the IEEE.
The problem looks too hard to solve - it must be dp!
by Your SCAR Grandpa June 26, 2006
31 48
Deep Purple. A hard rock band from 1970s that had hits such as "Hush", "Smoke on the Water", "Highway Star", "Lazy", "Woman from Tokyo", and many other great songs.
Deep Purple was a great band, but not as great as Led Zeppelin!
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
14 31
reffering to doctor pepper or a combination of vaginal and anal sex. more commonly reffering to Doctor Pepper
"hows it goin man"
"good, jut enjoying my DP"
by yahhhha May 04, 2008
13 31