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this cannot happen without more than one person
The reason we came out alive is because we worked together. After all, it takes two to tango.
by Light Joker August 27, 2005
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An observation on the fact that it takes two willing people to commit an infidelity, not just one.
"I heard DJ was doin' Tommy's bitch. He's got no respect."
"Yeah, well shows you what kinda hoodrat she is. It takes two to tango, yo?"
by JoeyRags July 05, 2009
From a popular song by Pearl Bailey in the early 1950's.
A dishonest, shady person, or scam artist who has found his mate, who complements each other's undesireable behaviour.
Don't blame him only for cheating the old woman out of her money, his wife helped. It takes two to tango.
by Martin Lizerbram March 29, 2005

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