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An abreviation for "double penatration" as in the double penatration of ones oraphis'

two items mandingos penatrating the same thing femaleat the same time

somtimes spoken with dude
Two bowling balls, one ally

two dicks one asshole

Sean,"DP dude, DP"

Rob,"you are a moron"
by Curt MaGurt December 28, 2009
7 15
dp is an abbreviation for the words DEFAULT PHOTO or DEFAULT PICTURE

mainly used online in myspace or facebook
ex: very cute ;) nice dp
by emostyle September 15, 2009
5 13
: stands for dick power ; being able to "deliver the meat " ... being strong , smooth , and cool
dude that musta took a lotta dp to move that thing!

OMG man look at him! hes got some dp.
by SupaSawya October 16, 2009
6 15
democratic party. , not to be confused with double penetration (although it may feel like that if you disagree with the aforementioned groups laws and get caught and aren't a member of the upper class/elected officials) This is also the new improved name of "new democratic party" here in canada. Denise Savoie is a higher up member of the party and thought the new name would some how get them elected. People who didn't vote for the NDP think she is stupid for doing this because this is not going to help.(circa2009)
milenkovitch- " who did you vote for??"
brent- "the DP party"
milenkovitch- " that's gross, i don't swing that way"
brent- " um ,,, no seriously, that's who i voted for"
milenkovitch- " can you step away from me , you're creeping me out with all this voting and shit"
brent- " BELLA come here you little stinker"
milenkovitch- " yeah maybe bella likes the DP
by milenkovitch June 11, 2009
16 25
The name for any type of person who showers once a year (if that), rapes his girlfriend, sells drugs, gets home schooled because it's cool, chiefs your own weed, and tries to hit on freshman girls in high school. A general all around scumbag if you will. It can be one or all of these traits, or any combination of two or more.
Wow dude, way to be a fucking DP.
by everyoneagrees June 15, 2010
3 13
Dome Piece (another name for blow job)
Guy 1: Where were you yesterday? I don't remember seeing you in class...

Guy 2: Oh, nah I wasn't in class I was in the bathroom getting that DP from this filthy little freshman...

Guy 1: Word
by xanman777 May 15, 2010
0 10
DP stands for diamond and pearl, it's a series of pokémon
Have you watched Pokémon DP this morning, it was really great, ash got owned by a gymleader!
by Duaneee ofc June 03, 2009
8 18