Dom Perrignon champagne
"And we sip DP till the Dom stop bubblin, after we done playin OK go to your husband"
-50 Cent
by Ryan February 08, 2004
Short way of saying Donkey Punch
I DP that bitch last night, the noise she made was FUNNY AS HELL
by Koala March 22, 2003
Deep pussy.
That chick has a dp. (Used for describing larger women.)
by Anonymous March 09, 2003
DP- is someone that dick pulls on other people and thinks or acts like they are your friend..

ie: someone that follows you every where and copies your style.

Girl- hey is that person your friend?

Guy- nah that's a dp.
by 305 TiTa November 08, 2007
What you call your live-in partner. DP or Domestic Partner.
Yes, me and the DP would love to join you for dinner.
Sorry dude, the old DP won't let me out tonight.
by Hilary Weiss May 13, 2006
1.An abbreviation of Dyke Producer. It is used to describe a masculine lesbian. Derived from the musical "the Producers" specifically from the song "I want to be a producer" which is performed and there is only one butch lesbian who is the dyke producer.
2. To describe a masculine looking female.
Look at that DP over there.- or- She is really DP
by Abigail Free March 23, 2006
meaning "D"isplay "P"icture on msn messenger
1)take that shit off your dp!

2)i like your dp.
by kennyboy March 06, 2005

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