A short story by Kurt Vonnegut.
Joe is lookin for his Daddy in DP.
by Cat December 23, 2004
Deep Purple. A hard rock band from 1970s that had hits such as "Hush", "Smoke on the Water", "Highway Star", "Lazy", "Woman from Tokyo", and many other great songs.
Deep Purple was a great band, but not as great as Led Zeppelin!
by Anonymous August 10, 2003
reffering to doctor pepper or a combination of vaginal and anal sex. more commonly reffering to Doctor Pepper
"hows it goin man"
"good, jut enjoying my DP"
by yahhhha May 04, 2008
What you call your live-in partner. DP or Domestic Partner.
Yes, me and the DP would love to join you for dinner.
Sorry dude, the old DP won't let me out tonight.
by Hilary Weiss May 13, 2006
1.An abbreviation of Dyke Producer. It is used to describe a masculine lesbian. Derived from the musical "the Producers" specifically from the song "I want to be a producer" which is performed and there is only one butch lesbian who is the dyke producer.
2. To describe a masculine looking female.
Look at that DP over there.- or- She is really DP
by Abigail Free March 23, 2006
Generally used on msn and other messengers. The word is a shourt term for display picture.
e.g. do u like my new dp??
by Bexter March 03, 2005
Donkey Punch, a sexual maneuver. Involves doing it doggy style and punching the receiver in the head right before orgasm. Or a character on Aqua Teen Hunger Force, nicknamed after the sexual maneuver.
That donkey punch to the head left her hurty for days.
by SeN SaTioNAl J10 is a fag August 28, 2004
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