Shortened form of 'downtown.'

In NYC drug slang, 'downtown' is heroin.

To help speed-up business transactions, saying what you want, as quickly as possible, helps all involved.
Conversation with dealer:

Dealer: 'what do you need?'
Customer: 'just gimme two down, for now.'
by UNOwenNYC May 07, 2012
Drinking On Week Nights
yo dude you comin to the bar with us on thursday?

yeah im down
by pumadora November 03, 2009
Def1 Slang term as in "with it" Or "Cool"

Def2: A song by blink 182

Def3: An awesome southern metal band from new orleans.

Def4: Downward direction.
Kid1: Hey you wanna go to my house after school?

Kid2: Sure Im down with that.
by Slayerkid16 May 30, 2009
1. depressed

2. inoperative (said of machines)

3. to eat or drink something quickly

4. satisafactory

I am feeling so down about the results of the test.
by Light Joker November 06, 2006
willing or cool, what you say to someone when you want them to do something by using reverse psychology.
You're not down to take whipped cream shots!

You're not down to jump in front of that train!

That's not down!

I'm down!
by N Fausto October 26, 2006
another term for heroin
"Powder, rock , down"
by Lucyyfur May 22, 2005
Genesis, I know your feeling down atm but try to cheer up. Life could always be worse and no matter what I'll always be here for you.
Feeling Down?



PS. Scott was here!!!
by Scott was here 2!!!!! October 27, 2009
you got down
by deezzz July 10, 2008

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