the opposite of up
reach down and touch your toes
by Mike wazowski the first January 04, 2010
1. depressed

2. inoperative (said of machines)

3. to eat or drink something quickly

4. satisafactory

I am feeling so down about the results of the test.
by Light Joker November 06, 2006
willing or cool, what you say to someone when you want them to do something by using reverse psychology.
You're not down to take whipped cream shots!

You're not down to jump in front of that train!

That's not down!

I'm down!
by N Fausto October 26, 2006
another term for heroin
"Powder, rock , down"
by Lucyyfur May 22, 2005
a pimp's pressure on a whore, or his adherence to the rules of the pimp game; when a whore starts to work.

source from Iceberg Slim, Pimp: The Story of My Life
Playa, you gotta keep this bitches down, less they betray you.
by bobo32 April 27, 2010
Genesis, I know your feeling down atm but try to cheer up. Life could always be worse and no matter what I'll always be here for you.
Feeling Down?



PS. Scott was here!!!
by Scott was here 2!!!!! October 27, 2009
Down is used in a few ways in New Orleans. 1. Down to be willing to help, keeping something real, bout whatever u bout. 2. Down as oral sexual positions used by males and females . 3. Down as get the F... , go head, yeah right and used when upset or denying something. 4. Down as wilding out, having fun, a good time, something exciting, fighting, arguing. *Also, used to describe hurting someone's feeling, being sad, depressed, guilty.
1. My boy is down for me. Are you down for a drink? Girl, I didn't know get down like that.
2. He went down on me last night.
3. Boy Down, you don't me like that. Girl Down,I hear ya.
4. It went down in Club Xscape, Saturday. Girl you missed it, it was about to go down at work today.
5. I feel down and out. I wish he would say something cause I'm gone down his ass.
by Putty the pimp June 15, 2006
you got down
by deezzz July 10, 2008

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