a complete "douche," a failure at whatever it is that they were going for, an intentional/unintentional asshole. Term coined by web-comic artist, "Amber Demure" of amberdemure.tumblr.com
Amber totally stood that guy up, because she was day drinking for hours and lost track of time. She was being douchetacular to the utter most.
by amberdemure December 12, 2010
Top Definition
The act of doing something in the scorned upon manner that a said douchebag would. The process of completing an impressive task, but since it was completed by a douchebage, it becomes somewhat frowned on. Success that is achieved by an annoying pretty boy.
A) The way Chad slayed that girl's pussy was douchetacular.
B) I agree, but i still wanna beat the shit out of him.
by Sid-Vicious November 01, 2009
Someone who is spectacular in their douche ways. Until there is a scale to rate someones doucheness, douchetacular is the most douche that a person can possibly be.
OMG, that guy is douchetacular! Those dollar store earrings and those waxed eyebrows just catapulted him to the top! And stealing my parking spot did not hurt his score either.
by lajannifer90025 November 21, 2009
When someone truly exemplifies the true nature of a douchebag. They must stand out from the crowd to the extent tht they could be in a crowd of douchers and you will stay say, "wow that guys is a douchebag". Now there is a name to describe that man ... douchetacular! For those that dont know what a douchebag is here is a deinition:

the scientific name for schmucks who roll up in public wearing wife-beaters or oversized jeans. Can also be found wearing sunglasses in nightclubs and/or sun-visors on backwards and upside down. These people should be drug outside and shot in the stomach, then used as speed bumps to prevent any neon-toting lowrider crap-mobiles from infesting the neighborhood and lowering property values.
The King's of Leon were douchetacular when they were talking about the extent of their fame on The Hour
by Dave Coleman January 13, 2009
When something is Spectacularly Douchey!
He is such a douchetacular dresser!
by JerseyJewels January 09, 2012
A lavish performance of douche-like behavior.
That asshole at the bar put on quite the douchetacular display when he hit on my friend.

The guys at the club really showed off their douchetacular skills tonight.
by scorpqueen January 28, 2010
An adjective used to describe someone or something that is very pompous and annoying.
Person #1: Dude, you're a total doosh.

Person #2: Actually, it's spelled 'douche'

Person #1: What a douchetacular asshole.
by Someguywithacomputer January 18, 2010
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