The state of being a douchebag - committing acts that define an individual as being a douchebag, such as ripping off friends, screwing your friends over or generally just being a giant douche.
That fucker used to be my bro until he stinkfingered my girlfriend while she was passed out. That's some seriously fucked up repugnant douchebaggery right there.
by Dingleberry Tatas July 10, 2008
The act of being, and the official language of the douchebag. Douchebags can be recognized by their Ed Hardy attire, spiky over-gelled hair, spray-on tans, brostaches, failure to wear a shirt over their wife beater, and their strange vernacular. Use of words abbreviated like "legit" (legitimate) "ridic" (ridiculous) "jelly" (jealous, mostly used by the female species of douchebag) and most importantly YOLO (a word too douchey to to even define). They often refer to others of their kind as broski, and end their sentences with "yo".For them, dancing to songs like "gangnam style" and Ii'm sexy and I know it" is serious business, as they seem to believe they have "moves like Jagger". Often found in Jersey, douchebags are to be avoided at all cost. If, however, one finds themself unavoidably interacting with a douchebag it is recommended you use long words and DO NOT look directly at them. Prolonged exposure to douchebags has been known to cause douchebaggery in others. Run, fast and far, from a douchebag.
conversation spoken in douchebaggery

mike--hey broski, wanna hit the bar tonight? i heard the bitches are gonna be legit ridic down there tonight yo (rubs fake-tanned arms) and i am looking FRESH (checks out roided muscles in nearby window)

brad--yeah, brah, i can't wait to get my grind on some skanks. (he checks out roided muscles in nearby window) damn i'm swoled up yo, it's wife beater time for sure tonight yo.

tj--YOLO bros!!!

mike, brad & tj--YOLO!!!
by the stank pit January 12, 2013
acting of the qualities of a douche bag.

syn. ass-hole-ness
george bush
and all his douche baggery
by Danny boy April 04, 2004
To engage in douchebag behavior
Did you see Kanye West on the VMAs? That was some real douchebaggery!
by Blackcat16 March 08, 2010
one that wholly encompasses the art of being a douchebag.

one that is so well versed in being a douchebag that he must not have only received formal training from a tenured douchebag, but he is fully qualified to pass on his douchebaggery to those qualified candidates such as the dude with massive crunchy hair product and a rhinestone skull buckle rolling into the club 5 guys deep trying to recruit hot chicks from the line to get in.
douchebag: "yo, check out my mystic, bra" (flexes man boobs one at a time in a rhythmic douchebag dance)

non douchebag: "lose the ed hardy v-neck, find a woven, unbutton no more than two, & kill the sparkle buckle. dude your douchebaggery meter is blowin' up! take it down a notch"
by Fenix Rizing February 16, 2010
The act of bearing more than one Boise State University flag on ones vehicle
"Look Douchebaggery!"
"Over there! The dude with all the flags on his car!"
by Vandalism November 25, 2009
Performing multiple acts (more than two) that would qualify one as a douchebag.
Wow, that was quite a display of douchebaggery last night by Mortimer, wasn't it?
by ak67 January 20, 2009
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