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to do something no matter how long it takes to get it done
1. Me: it's 3:00 AM and i've a paper due tommorow! I've got to get double time on it or I will FAIL the whole semester!
by CowboyFunk September 09, 2005
180 steps per minute. Twice marching pace.
"Double-Time, MARCH!"
by Sean Callaway November 02, 2005
What boy scouts say to girls that they grind with.
Catie and Jordan are grinding, a faster song comes on

Jordan says, "DOUBLE TIME."
by GENOVEVA May 30, 2007
the art of shitting and taking a piss at the same time
Hey man my wife just double-timed, and now the house smells like shit and piss.
by quack1234567890 April 25, 2011

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