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A large dildo, having identical features on either end. Sometimes used as a melee weapon to bludgeon one's enemies.
Corey Feldman: Dude, I heard somebody got knocked out at your party last night

Patrick Duffy: Yeah, some yinzer was giving me a hard time, so I socked him with that double ender I keep in my trunk.
by Raliegh T. Sakers December 17, 2007
A virus, stomach bug, or illness that causes simultaneous vomiting and diarrhea.

Can create a quandary of which end of the body should be using the toilet: the head or the butt?

The combination creates one of the worst smells known to man.
Doctor: "What are your symptoms?"
Patient: "While I was vomiting I was also having diarrhea at the same time."
Doctor: "Ohhh..a double-ender. Sounds you like you have that nasty stomach bug thats going around."
by A Magillacutty February 18, 2011
When you happen to fart and burp at the same time.
*burp* *baaarp*, god, that was a double ender! i think i may have to wipe!
by Erik3k March 02, 2006
A shit that is so big that it pokes out above the water at both ends
Dude, the day after thanksgiving i took the biggest double ender.
by Markmywords January 08, 2008

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