also known as DD.
Drug Deal
Alex jus got back from that DD
by Baby D. October 06, 2004
Means double douchebag. was in fashion last term for no particular reason but it made us laugh cos it was so shit.
Person 1:That S. Elliot's a real double-d

Person 2: yes, unfathomably so
by Drinker December 03, 2004
dick and drama, what women want
There are plenty of females who act friendly, but as soon as they get up the block, they are sucking some dude's dick they dont know. She's looking for the double d. Dick and drama
by mongol September 19, 2004
The Daddy Dick! A really big penis that is almost unbelievable. Only a small percent of guys have the double D.
Elodia: Damn Isai you got the Double D
Isai: I know its like 9 and a 1/2 years long.
Elodia: Cum on my tits!
by Vince! April 02, 2008
Daddy Dick
Go eat a double d asshole.
by nateismeantome March 02, 2004
Drug Dealer
Tommy K is my double D
by Matthew Pryce January 20, 2004
A double black diamond run for skiing or snowboarding. It is short for "Double Diamond"
Dude! I just bombed that double d!
by E Z April 29, 2006

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