an extremely large breast size for a woman that it akes two hands to wrap around one breast.
When my wife gets horny she likes to wear her push up lowcut bra with low cut tops to go out and display her 42 double d's.
by m4cpap July 21, 2008
Drug Dealer
He acts like he all straight but that mo fo is the biggest double d in area!
by mwah2012 August 27, 2015
Double Diamond beer (British)
After a trying day, expect a millworker to order a Double D.
by jesfine July 14, 2004
A "douche douche." One who acts in strict accordance with the ways of double douche-baggery.
Andy is such a double-D.
That guy in class was such a double-D.
by MisterDD March 18, 2007
Double D, also known as DD is the Designated Driver, or person who can't drink because he has to drive their shit-faced friends home. Often times the Double D shift is rotated amongst a group of friends or a group of friends finds a person desperate for friendship to be the double d.
"Want a beer?"
"Nah man I can't, I'm playing Double D tonight."
by Tony3559 April 02, 2008
A) The infamous logo of the kids' TV show Double Dare, in which the first letters of the words "Double" and "Dare" are linked together. Also called the "Dueling D's" when early cartoons showed the animated letters throwing pies and spraying seltzer at each other.

B) The large, white circle in the center of the "Double Dare" stage floor, which featured the above-mentioned logo printed in the middle. Often used as a marker during the show's physical challenges.
A) "What color were the Double D's in the 1989 season?"

B) "You can go anywhere on the stage that you want as long as your toes don't touch the Double D's."
by CJ the DJ May 28, 2007
Another name for Dunkin'Donuts, a purveyor of donuts and coffee.
I got myself a good cup of coffee and a boston creme filled doughnut from Double D.
by kerplunk March 15, 2005

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