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Made famous by the movie Baby Boy, staring Tyrese Gibson, Ving Rhames, Snoop Dogg, and Omar Gooding.
Jody: You love that daddy dick?


Jody: Yea girl you love that daddy dick.
by bigg rawb May 29, 2008
what a guy with a large penis sometimes calls his package. sometimes this enormous penis size is merely a figment of his imagination. guys like this are usually annoyingly cocky.
Sadly Misinformed Guy: "Deez hoes can't get enough of this daddy dick!"
by Vee Dawg August 03, 2005
some 1 who has some good dick dat knows how to use it and satisfy a women needs
my baby joel gots da daddy dick
by Ashley November 24, 2004
its that thing that separates you from the other guys in your woman's life. It is your ability to pleasure your woman better than anybody else.
There is no way that she is not thinking about me. I gave her the daddydick.
by Hobbs December 21, 2003
A dick that pleasures a women!!!
(havin Sex)
oOoOooooOO i love Daddy dick
by shy March 25, 2005
When a boy goes through puberty earlier than his peers, he has a dick the size of a middle aged man compared to his classmates' pre-pubescent dicks.
Boy 1: Wow he hit puberty really early!

Boy 2: I know I saw him in the locker room. He has a daddy dick.
by Astrothegreat January 13, 2015
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