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Huge. Surpassing normal expectations.
I was fishing with a Spinner Bait and a HONKIN pike came after it and hit it . Felt like a lawnmower running over a brick.
by R. LaJoy November 18, 2005
Glaswegian term for smelling.
That toilet's honkin' o pish!
by Stu71 November 18, 2009
1. Loud- pertaining to farts, the sound of car horns
2. Large- like Sasquatch
1. Did you hear the honkin fart that guy let out a minute ago?
2. My stepdad's mistress is a honkin red-headed Sasquatch with a huge gut.
by Krazy K November 30, 2002
(verb) The act of saying something whack, lying, running ones mouth, or being whack in general. Almost always in reference to verbal or written expression.
Girl 1: Girlfriend my man just bought me some new diamond-studded Chanel sunglasses!

Girl 2: Girl, those are rhinestones and that's a knockoff from some street vendor, he's just honkin'!
by wombatsoup May 24, 2010
Ridiculously large (or at least larger than one's frame of reference currently allows for).

"Lookit that HONKIN' spider!"
by Randy Michaud October 29, 2007