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(N) A style of grooming a woman's pubic hair. Shaving the hair into a small, point-down triangle which resembles a Dorito snack chip.
I tried to get her to shave it all, but she went for the Dorito
by Bone June 18, 2004
what fat people eat when they are alone
Rahul: Where would you be with out me
STeven: Eating doritos in a dark corner
by adibidibi March 29, 2003
The ultimate party food among American college students. Where there's beer, you'll also find Doritos, especially the two most popular flavors:
-Cool Ranch
-and Nacho Cheese.
Daring and creative students may even mix the two flavors in a bowl!
LoRes: Where's the party at?
Scoots: Leon's house!11
LoRes: Nice. I hope we find some winmen and get in a convoy.
Scoots: Fisk.dat! I'm jost gun snaxZ0rs the whole time!
LoRes: Yeah, I saw him buy a shitload of Doritos and beer last night.
*Cops pull up*
Drunk Kids in Bush: SS....SCATTER!111
by LoRes September 07, 2008
A delicious snack that constitutes the bulk of the diet of lazy people and college students. Goes great with beer. However, owners of Doritos hate to have their own Doritos taken.
Keep your hands off my momma, and my Doritos.
by SSaxdude February 10, 2010
a famous bag of chips . it comes in different flavors such as nacho cheese ,ranch , blue cheese and etc.

a type of tortilla that taste pretty good
i like doritos
by bria_lee August 10, 2010
1) Crisps or chips (for you americans), which are of a triangular shape and are comonly dipped in flavoured 'dip'.

Also possibly the best snack in the world!

2) Describing someone with a very triangular head. Most of the time used an insult to a person, who is flat, lifeless and often cheesy.
1) WOW! these doritos are delicious!

2)Shut up Tom! your a dorito!
by Curt Parr April 25, 2007
When someone's processor chip on their computer might as well be a dorito.
Wtf is taking this guy so long to load?

-Must have a dorito.
by Pizard April 15, 2011
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