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A politically correct way to refer to, or a code word for, a mentally challenged person.
Kathy, you have two different kinds of shoes on and you have a stain on the front of your shirt. Do you really expect me to hang out with you tonight, you look like such a dorito!
by Doritolover469 March 22, 2010
A girl with a fake tan/lots of makeup that if touched would leave you hand orange like after eating Doritos.
"Check out that Dorito over there. Either she fell asleep in the tanning bed or her dad is an Umpa-Lumpa."
by bearcats915 October 18, 2011
A girl who literally look like a Dorito chip from wearing to much makeup when its all caked on.
She is SUCH a dorito!
I know! Look at all her makeup, its totally disgusting.
by DoritoHater February 16, 2011
To be cheesy. Someone who is being cheesy at the momment is being Dorito. Dorito came from cheesy a Dorito is cheesy therefore someone acting Dorito is cheezy.
"You that was Dorito as hell cuz"
by Victor Carvajal November 21, 2006
code word for "gum"
*Teacher is walking by*
Bobby: Hey do u have doritos?
Joey: Yea -.-
Bobby: Can I have one?
Joey: Hold on. I gotta open up a new bag (pack of gum)...
Teacher (whispering to self): Hahah between class moochers
*Teacher is out of earshot*
Joey: Here -.- *hands "dorito" to Bobby*
by tchieze March 01, 2010
girls who wear sooo much makeup that there faces go orange(cheesy) and are total sluts who go around saying "cumon den mon, im gonna beat u up mon!!!" then run off crying when you slap them! they think that evryone fancies them, but most people hate them! all they ever talk about is their hair and the "long" lists of boys who fancy them. they think that they are all popular and that everyone should obey them. in short, they are chavy sluts so stay away!!!
they are such fucking doritos
by liv or die September 09, 2005
The code name for marijuana if talked about on the phone or around other people.
Hey, let's get a big bag of doritos!

I just spent $80 on doritos.
by CaptSpaulding February 19, 2006