The code name for marijuana if talked about on the phone or around other people.
Hey, let's get a big bag of doritos!

I just spent $80 on doritos.
by CaptSpaulding February 19, 2006
A bunker used in the sport of paintball manufacturered by SupAir that is shaped like a 3d Dorito. It's similar to a pyrimid having all edges being the same dimension and the base also a triangle.
Teammate: He's at the dorito
Teammaterer: *shoots*
by 4zn_balla October 08, 2005
The main staple of a nigger's diet.
Usually consumed with some extremely sweet fruit drink.
I can see that we're in Buffalo because there are hundreds of dirty niggers bumming fifty cents to buy a bag of Doritos.
by Sam June 01, 2005
A cheesy chip that is possible to get stuck in your ribs.
Sexyboi: "Owww. My dorito hurrrrtsss"
Amanda: "Hahaha. Go suck a cock bitch."
by Sexy pants the third March 30, 2008
1.) Snack chip, known well for it's 'dippability' and 'crunchiness.' Well known by users of marijuana.
Dude, let's get some doritos.
by Manawski March 06, 2003
A rotary engine, so named because the rotors are triangular, which is the same shape as the Dorito chips.
"That dorito makes 700 horsepower."
by Zen Master Vex November 25, 2002

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