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A doppelbanger is the dubstep equivalent of a doppelganger. It's when someone makes a heavy dubstep track but it sounds identical to another heavy dubstep track. Some particularly popular dubstep artists who get copied a lot are Datsik and Getter, who have revolutionized their styles.

Generally a doppelbanger is created on accident, but there are certain people who try to copy artists and songs on purpose. These knock off songs are intentionally made, so they're not doppelbangers. They're clones. And no one likes a clone.
C: Did you hear that new Symbiotic track? It's HUGE!

J: Yeah but dude it's totally a doppelbanger of Haggard by Getter.

C: What? It sounds nothing like it.

J: Dude listen to them both. You're fucking stupid if you think they don't sound alike.
by SAVID February 12, 2014
Who you blame when caught cheating on your spouse/significant other.
Honey, I'd never cheat on you. It must have been my doppelbanger.
by smithering27 July 27, 2010
A member of a couple who has begun to look like their partner. Usually a mutual process of aesthetic synchronisation.
"Oh my god, is that Mariah? She looks totally different now!"

"Yeah, she and Tori have blended their dress sense and everything. They've basically got a shared wardrobe. They've been getting into the same scenes. They're total doppelbangers!"
by doppelbangee September 23, 2011
That sneaky dude who go out and has sex with ugly people while you're busy drinking too much alcohol with your friends.
Naw man, it must have been my doppelbanger again.
by dudebrahace October 22, 2010
Similar to doppelganger. In the context of sex, someone involved who looks like someone else, usually when refering to a celebrity sex video tape.
A second reviewer claims that the video is dated July 3, 1997, and estimates that Davis - or maybe her doppelbanger - was 27 at the time. "She sure looks a lot and sounds a lot like the real deal," the reviewer says.
by Colby December 24, 2004
A friend who has almost identical taste in sexual partners. Two people are doppelbangers if they share uncanny interest in multiple members of the opposite sex.
John and Tim both like Mary, Angela, and Kim. They have such similar taste they must be doppelbanger s.
by grimymonkey May 28, 2013
The act of having sex with someone who looks exactly like someone else you want to have sex with but who won't because they already know that you are a human disaster.
Dave: Did you hear about my doppelbanger?
Kaden: No? Who was it?
Dave: It was this chick who looked just like my ex but wasn't bat shit crazy.
by koolSwede May 13, 2011