the real definition of this word is the act of double penetration, or one who performs this act.
Let's buy some condoms & visit Lu Lu she's a doppelbanger
by Pablonola December 08, 2010
someone who has two penises, and one of them is evil.
"That guy is such a doppelbanger. He was doing me and slipped the evil dick up my butthole."

"But I liked it."
by Rick and Jesse March 15, 2007
An exact double of ones self who bangs ( has sex with ) people who are not their significant other.
Exampl #1
Wife: " I saw you F@*king Karen last night"
Husband: " Baby, that wasn't me, it must have been my Doppelbanger."
Example #2 " Dude I swear I saw my girl blowing some guy in that corvette, nah must be her doppelbanger"
by Awhellyea April 19, 2010
Noun: A person that looks so much like your current boyfriend or girlfriend that it could not be considered cheating on them if you were to be caught (or not).

Someone that resembles your current or past relationship that you may have the urge to call them by the wrong name.

A person that looks so much like a celebrity, you may just get with them because of it.
"That chick he was with looked so much like Anna Faris, it could have been her Doppelbanger"
by DevilMan76 February 21, 2010
n. One who doppelbangs. One who continually has sex with similar or identical looking people.
That doppelbanger only fucks 400 pound greasy weightlifters.
by JonBron March 18, 2006
realizing after the fact that you've just had sex with someone you'd slept with before... a sexual doppelganger
Samantha on Sex & the City once said to a man, mid-fuck, "Wait, a minute... I've fucked you before!"

That's a doppelbanger.
by Lisa January 30, 2004
A look-a-like of somebody that you used to date (or have sex with). Similar to the original meaning of "doppelganger" - known as a strangely similar counterpart of someone.
"Dude! Is that your ex girlfriend?" "Nah, just a doppelbanger of her"
by CJ Moose February 27, 2015

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