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Puts emphasis and significance on a certain thing, can be used in almost an circumstance for anything.
wow what a goal, that was a doozy

that was a doozy of a meal Mrs. Smith

that girl has a doozy of a rack
by Chris the X facta April 26, 2008
something outstanding
Yo, don't sweat it.
You'll be fine.

Yo doozy, baby.
by kimkimmy September 09, 2009
someone that mean anything, a word that can be used anywhere at anytime, like how in uno you have a wild card that can be any color well DOOZY is a wild word it can mean anything.
Yo i got a mean Doozy!

That girl is a Doozy!

by The Real Entertainer December 25, 2007
A night filled with excessive drinking to the point that events of the said night are hazy and cannot be completely recalled. There are varying degrees of "doozy", the most common being a night filled with drunken hilarity that for the most part is only recalled by those who did not get too drunk, or partake in the "doozy". A person who has a doozy usually wakes up the next morning wondering where he/she is, often times confused about the events of the night before.
"man...last night was a doozy."

"Remember last New Years? Me neither, it sure was a doozy."

"holy shit...now THAT was a doozy."
by MrAdamT December 11, 2006