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Pussy, vagina.
Did you see the photo of Britney Spears going commando? You could see her nunny!
by Dick Wright-Upham November 11, 2010
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Nunny is a female superhero
Me - look the bridge is collapsing
Friend - Don't worry nunny has is covered
by Brocolitastegood August 22, 2010
an affectionate term meaning bunny and hunny together
aww nunny i love you. no go eat a dick.
by the muffin master May 15, 2003
The hottest boy in the world who's got a nice style with the sexiest smile that you've ever seen. It will make your legs weak and your pussy wet once he flashes that thing at you. Hot ass body that will make you sweat and bite your bottom lip. Once his clothes come on, you want to take yours off too. He frequently answers to the name "daddy" be careful how you use it tho, it can cause trouble. His heart will come out to you, but only if you show him respect. Soft hands, soft lips, sexy voice, need i say more? He's an addiction ladies... be careful.. once you get nunny.. you just cant stop!
by Diamond March 31, 2005

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