"Doosh" is the imaginary sound of a punch connecting with the jaw of an opponent, particularly used during pretend fighting by overly hormonal teenage boys imitating WWF when they should really be out improving themselves.
"Doosh, doosh, I was giving it, bam, bam, doosh" (Hand and arm movements are at your discretion)
by The Mongo Collective January 09, 2008
Short for "Do Shoot", in the context of having divine ordination for shooting gleefully, with intent to kill, in the name of Christ, the name of the Christian God. *this definition is covered at length, in SWAT officer, Charlie Epper's book, "Jesus Christ On Killing".
It's cool, I'm Wichita Falls PD SWAT, and I "doosh!"
by Organic Cheese Productions June 29, 2014
One who exhibits one or more of the following characteristics: self-importance/narcissism, egocentric, ethnocentric, racist, more dollars than sense, entitlement and anyone who thinks it's acceptable to wear plaid pants.
Bernie Madoff is a doosh.
by ElGreatDan0 April 19, 2009
The words dude and boosh combined together signifying a general form of cataclysmic awesomeness in ones being that is both tragic and extraordinary at the same time.
Zachamon: Ur a doosh man!

Patiomensch: What?!

Zachamon: Your twitpic has over 39 thousand views! That kind of viewership could give the internet an apocalypse. You're so popular! I wish I was you.
by zmschaap January 25, 2010
Doosh is referred to as Mario Kart double dash or when your hanging to play some Double dash...It tells people your serious about playing it straight away. Its often accompanied with noodies (noodles) of some delicious flavour. All in all its just so god damn good you cant fucking say no!
Guy 1: Cmon dude lets play some Doosh!

Guy 2: Hells yeah! Chicken or Curry?
by tastytreats December 09, 2009
The only spelling of douche that is allowed on online games where they sensor what is said.
ladysman101: ur a ******
peanutbrain: dude. did u call me a doosh?
by swimstud August 08, 2008
To have sexual intercourse with someone.
I'd doosh that.
There dooshing eachother.
Wanna go back to mine and doosh.
by ipeanut August 30, 2009
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