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An unfortunately named, but incredibly cool New Zealand design label.
pronounced dush, like bush.
What? This one next to the Doosh Girl Maya dress?
by loldooshlol June 20, 2011
The words dude and boosh combined together signifying a general form of cataclysmic awesomeness in ones being that is both tragic and extraordinary at the same time.
Zachamon: Ur a doosh man!

Patiomensch: What?!

Zachamon: Your twitpic has over 39 thousand views! That kind of viewership could give the internet an apocalypse. You're so popular! I wish I was you.
by zmschaap January 25, 2010
Doosh is referred to as Mario Kart double dash or when your hanging to play some Double dash...It tells people your serious about playing it straight away. Its often accompanied with noodies (noodles) of some delicious flavour. All in all its just so god damn good you cant fucking say no!
Guy 1: Cmon dude lets play some Doosh!

Guy 2: Hells yeah! Chicken or Curry?
by tastytreats December 09, 2009
"Doosh" is the imaginary sound of a punch connecting with the jaw of an opponent, particularly used during pretend fighting by overly hormonal teenage boys imitating WWF when they should really be out improving themselves.
"Doosh, doosh, I was giving it, bam, bam, doosh" (Hand and arm movements are at your discretion)
by The Mongo Collective January 09, 2008
A word describing the sound your body makes when it gets pushed onto a pile of snow. Also can be used to describe the sound of when you sketched out on a jump either snowboarding or skiing and hit the ground (snow) with your body.
"I was walking with my girl when out of nowhere she pushed me onto a snow bank"
"Then I got up and grabbed her face and repeatedly shoved it into the snow bank!"
by J-Money $ December 01, 2005
To have sexual intercourse with someone.
I'd doosh that.
There dooshing eachother.
Wanna go back to mine and doosh.
by ipeanut August 30, 2009
Sometimes a purposeful misspelling of the word "douche" so you don't give the victim of your e-bashings the respect of a properly spelled insult.
Man, Barry Bonds is such a crybaby doosh.
by ignitionnight March 28, 2005